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EDWA now own five properties outright and one is owned jointly between EDWA and WHT (Wildlife Habitat Trust). When Harrison’s wash came on the market EDWA Chairman Brigadier Bill Deller OBE called a special meeting do address the club’s ability to fund wash purchases. Sadly, the club had never been in a position to purchase property. It simply didn’t have the necessary funding.

Under the guidance of Brig Deller, a vote upon increasing the subscriptions and doubling the membership was proposed, seconded and carried. The increase provided a wash purchasing fund but, did not generate enough money to make the purchase possible. At this point Tony Laws of the BASC Wildlife Habit Trust stepped in and offered a compromise.

With WHT assistance EDWA and WHT jointly purchased Harrison’s Wash. And in recognition to Tony Laws' hard work and dedication which ensured the purchase was successfully completed, EDWA made Tony Laws an honorary member of EDWA and, made the WHT (Duck Stamp) a mandatory part of club membership.

From that special meeting and the work of Brig Deller OBE, the club has not looked back and is always looking for additional purchases of land or to rent. The third property added to the list of club land is named Deller’s wash in recognition to the outstanding work performed by the late Bill Deller as club chairman.

In total EDWA members can now shoot over 9 washes of which 5 are owned by EDWA. Seven fall in the Bedford Level’s.


The club has two at Sutton which combined span bank to bank, one of which always has hard standing regardless of the depth of the flood waters. The next in line is one approximately three miles from the Mepal village bridge, this wash stretches bank to bank. Beyond that at the Welney end of the washes, the club has shooting on 4 washes. Accessed off the road is Harrison’s Wash and Old Welney Road wash. Then a short drive down the cradge bank you have 2 more washes. Our 2 washes away from the famous Ouse Washes are located on flood plains in Waterbeach and Over.

Club Properties

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